Rest In Pieces: 1973 Land Rover Series III

I love a good challenge as much as the next guy…and I do enjoy assembling an occasional jigsaw puzzle with my kids…but this “Land Rover” is the jigsaw puzzle equivalent of taking 16 different 1000 piece-puzzles, mixing the pieces together, throw half of the pieces away, and stuff the remaining pieces inside of a raw turkey before baking to a crispy 165 degree internal temperature and then attempt to assembled the puzzle on a windy Thanksgiving afternoon wearing a blindfold and being pestered by a chimpanzee driving a skid-steer. However, I can’t think of a better way to spend 5 grand. And I bet I could rent a chimp and a skid-steer for that much. Covid Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. Find this 1973 Land Rover Series III offered for $5000 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1973 Land Rover Series III
fuel: diesel
paint color: green
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: convertible
I have here an exceptionally nice original 1973 Series 3 88″ Station wagon I purchased a couple of years ago out of long term covered, dry storage.

I have begun to tear this vehicle down to restore , but there is really not a lot to have to do other than put back together, depending on what you want to do with it/ how you want it to look when finished. I think it has great patina right now, with one significant dent on a front fender , other than this very straight and faded in an attractive way.

Being sold without engine or transmission, but I do have a Defender 200tdi and LT77 5 speed put aside for this , would be a great fit, and can be negotiated in the deal.

For those of you reading this in California, due to the age of this vehicle, it is SMOG exempt , so you can register/title and drive it without having to jump through the many expensive hoops required to register a Defender or newer vehicle…

If you like, there is the option I can put this back together for you , and build to your specification with color and engine options, finished product would cost $35-$45K and have many tasteful upgrades from a standard 1973 Series 3.

Everything else here on the shelves pictured behind the rig. The only thing not present (other than drivetrain) is the wiring harness. I was going to buy new harnesses before assembly.

Great opportunity to put together a rust free, straight, nice classic old land rover here. You are much further ahead on a project like this where you can see the entire frame/ body/ etc , than buying a rusty running truck hiding a lot of rot and problems.

I would not be selling this, but I have Defenders coming out of my F-ing ears here, and will not have time to restore this anytime soon, and I could use the room in my shop.

I understand it is much easier to discuss details over the phone, so, PLEASE SEND YOUR PHONE NUMBER , and I will call you back. I no longer put my number in these ads because I get too many text messages and robot calls.

I may be interested in trading this towards : Saab 900 classic, VW thing, westfalia, dune buggy, airstream or Argosy trailer, Scamp, Trillium, auto lift , 2 or 4 post …. I just ask if you want to offer something to me, please send a photo of what you have.

Thank you for reading all this….

See a better way to get in over your head?