Reader Ride: 1973 BMW 3.0CS

Time for another edition of DT’s Reader Ride feature, which — like an episode of toenail fungus — comes free with purchase of your latest pair of used shoes.  This next feature comes from reader Ken whose E9 generation BMW 3.0CS is an absolute gem.

Ken’s 3.0CS looks like a beauty in the pictures and is described in his words here:

Herewith, my Reader Ride..

1973 3.0cs. We have owned this car since 1995, having bought it out of a
collection of cars stored in the basement of an independent MB repair

At that time all the bits were present, there were no bondo zones
or obvious rust-pockets. The paint was peeling off, and all the rubber
was tatty, apparently it had been stored for 7 years. We did the deal,
found a restoration shop. 

Nine months later, after a bare-metal repaint,
lots of small bits and pieces (shopping was fun), new rubber
everywhere, a five-speed swap, and Weber installation with Pertonix ingition we got it back. 

Its been inexpensive fun ever since. We have
seen some great track time, and usually do a couple of Vintage TSD
rallies every year. We average about 7 to 10k miles per year of trouble
free motoring. It will only be sold when they take my license away.


Ed- What a peach!.

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