Ratatouille: Supercharged 1941 Chevy Rat Rod

When the days start getting colder this fall, will you look back and wonder if you made the most of your summer?  What is one thing you could do to ensure that this summer is different from the rest and filled with unique memories?  Try making a rat rod your daily driver.  Find this Supercharged 1941 Chevy Rat Rod for sale in Fort Scott, KS for $6,000 via craigslist.

Now, you could make your own rod from scratch out of bits and pieces you accrued over the course of months.  If this is the route you choose, my hat is off to you.  If you have neither the time nor the inclination to cobble together your own labor-of-love, then you’ll have to see what is on the market. You can spend as much as you want on someone else’s ride, but this example is dirt cheap and will do just fine.

A lot of time-consuming work has been done to this rod.  It has been dropped, the electrical bits are sorted, and the exhaust has been fabricated.  The feature that sets this rod apart is the presence of a supercharger atop its Chevy mill.  If the engine is tuned properly and in good shape (a big if) it alone is worth several thousand dollars.  You can also assume that the seller has taken this thing through the paces already and its mere presence is some kind of evidence that it will not disintegrate beneath you under hard throttle.

Like most other rat rods, there are plenty of re-purposed pieces that add to the charm of this vehicle. Once you make it your own you can add or subtract nick-knacks as you see fit.  Be sure, however, to use it for its intended purpose.  Open up the lake pipes, fry the hides and make the donuts.  Get the neighbors mad, make your friends jealous, and create some stories that will make your grandkids fond of you.

See a cheaper force-fed rat? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com