Rally Nice E30: 1987 BMW 325i

The average person who builds a rally car starts with some 4WD thing and then lifts and adds some power…but nobody wants to be associated with things that are average. What you want is a car built by some eccentric weirdo who thinks that a 2-wheel-drive E30 BMW is a good place to start an off-road overlander build. Then life becomes more interesting and suddenly you are the guy who knows which plants are edible and how to survive for weeks in the wilderness without any tools. Find this 1987 BMW 325i Rally car offered for $4200 in Redwood City, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1987 bmw 325
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 180000
odometer broken
title status: clean
transmission: manual
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here it is. This fine specimen of machinery is a 1987 BMW 325 aka E30 that has been expertly converted into the finest rally/offroad/overlanding rig there’s ever been. Quite simply put, this thing is a beast and will go wherever you the hell you want it to.

Build breakdown:

3″ suspension lift with Bilstein shocks/struts

16″ slot mags with 28″ all terrain tires (5×120 wheel adapters)

Welded 4.10 medium case diff

Smooth running, Super eta 2.7 engine

Smooth shifting 5 speed manual trans

CB Radio, PA under hood

Flowmaster Catback exhaust

Steel skidplate

Full size spare

Sick camo paint


Honestly why are you even still reading this ad? Come buy it already. I have a 300+whp turbo E30 in my garage and this is still the most fun E30 I’ve ever driven. We built it for the Gambler 500 and ended up just taking it on overlanding trips. Do you have any idea how satisfying it is to wheel by pissed off Jeep owners in a 1980s commuter sedan? Seriously, they don’t have a sense of humor about it. I wouldn’t sell it if I didn’t already have too many other cars.

I have everything needed to convert the engine to the 2.7i stroker that everyone does, including long tube headers and an ECU with Dinan chip. Starting with the super eta gives you the best possible engine setup with all the low end torque but able to wind out up top. Car has fresh oil, coolant, trans/diff fluids, etc.


Passenger side windows currently identify as manual

Windshield is cracked (I have another I’ll include if you want)

Pulls to one side on the road (needs LCABS and an alignment or just drive it on the dirt like a real man)

Car is registered and road legal. Make me an offer and drive it home today.

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