Rags To Riches Followup: The W108 Has Landed

A few weeks ago we received an email from the buyer of the Rags To Riches W108 280SE 4.5 (the story was also syndicated on the front page of Jalopnik.com via DT’s kinja page and achieved about 5,000 pageviews) and Shawn M reports that the Benz has arrived, in his words:

Of course. As would have it the 280 needs a few things. It has had a power steering leak repair, tune up and
undercoating, $ TBD, and I have driven half of an $85. tank of gas.  The radio that didn’t quite work
right will be sent to NJ for a refurbish $150-200, the odometer and clock need
to be replaced $300, and I got new front door sills $100. Lastly
touch up paint and prep $50.  I think I’m up to $13,000. 🙂 with
insurance, tax, and delivery. Still cheaper than a used MDX.

We enjoy hearing about cars we’ve featured and think this particular car has a fascinating history and represents one of the best of the breed.  Hunsbloger will continue to watch the W108 4.5 280SE market with his hawk-like vision for steals, deals and squeals.

A few more photos of the Benz arriving at its new home in Massachusetts.  We wish Shawn the best with the new ride and hope to hear if the car ever gets back on the market.

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