Quality Assurance: 1970 Honda QA50

If last week’s two wheel Tuesday Honda Z50 was too fancy for your kid (or you), Honda also had something more basic for the junior rider.  The QA50 was an offroad-only mini that could as easily be picked up and carried as easily as it could be ridden and it would fit in the trunk of mom & dad’s car. Honda made thousands of them, but QA’s are rarely seen in other than “beaten to death by kids” condition. Find this 1970 Honda QA50 for sale in West Seattle, WA for $500 via craigslist.

One would think that the QA50 and Z50 would use the same 50cc engine, but the QA had a different OHV single equipped with a two speed automatic transmission.  This one apparently needs a new ignition coil, so I doubt it runs.  It also needs new brakes.  Plus you will have to try to come up with replacements for its funky plastic fenders.

Unlike the Z50 Monkey that could be ordered with road equipment and registered in some states, the QA50 was strictly off road.  Equipped with tiny knobby tires it could be ridden on trails, but the lack of suspension would make it painful on anything but smooth trails.  The ad bike doesn’t have its knobby tires anymore, the current wheels and tires look like something from Home Depot.

Photo: Honda 

The rest of the ad photos were crappy and not worth the effort to put them in this post, but I found this neat Honda advert from 1973 that gives you a side by side comparison of the Z50 vs. the QA50.  The QA is a much more elemental ride than the Monkey.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  His best friend in 4th grade had a QA50.  It was beat.