Put Your Money Where Your Plymouth Is: 1992 Plymouth Colt

The 1989-92 Plymouth Colt, Dodge Colt, and Eagle Summit were captive imports riding on a sixth generation Mitsubishi Mirage/Lancer platform.  It was badge engineering at its finest, where the only difference between the Mitsubishi and the Dodge was a vinyl applique.  Even the steering wheel and gauges were free from identifying marks, so the minimum effort was expended in creating the different versions.  Thankfully, Most of these cars have met their demise at the jaws of the crusher, but the few that remain make for an interesting choice for a daily driver/beater.  Like this 1992 Plymouth Colt offered for $3,700 in Hollywood, CA via craigslist.

I know what you are thinking.  This $3700 Colt better come with $3650 worth of dead hookers gold bullion on the back..right?  Sure…ordinarily, I’d agree with that, but this is no ordinary Colt, this is a minty clean, 54k mile, all-stock example riding on hideous wheels, but otherwise in tip top shape.

The paint looks nice, the interior is clean (cardboard floor mat is an interesting touch), and the 1.5 liter inline-4 (good for 82 horsepower and a 99 mph top speed) is said to “Runs Grate“! The biggest concern I’d have with the car is the suspiciously new license plate, 7LFBXXX is what you’d see on a brand new car here, so it looks like its recently (as in the last few months…) been brought in out of state — be sure to check and double check any info about where this car has been.

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