PSA: The Daily Turismo Loves Porsche 914s

Public Service Announcement; After the deluge of hate mail, death threats and negative comments on our update on the 914 market, we want to make one thing clear;  we love 914s.  There is no way to not love cheap, good handling classics, and while the owners may have skin thinner than the rust prone 24-gauge sheet metal of their beloved 914, there is no need for additional threats.

Image from TTAC

To prove to our dear readers that we are serious in our 914 love, just look at these select excerpts from the original article.

“Porsche 914 is a decent bargain”

“this would be well purchased around this price.”

“Seems like a good deal”

Do these sound like the words of someone who doesn’t love the 914?

Sure…we may have hinted that one seller may spend your money on building a meth lab, but we never said he was a meth user and he could be more of a 1st season Walter White – someone who just needs to make some money to secure the financial future for his family and doesn’t use the stuff himself.  Regardless, anybody who has the gumption to put a Corvair flat-6 in the middle of a 914 is a-okay in our book.

There was also a reference to clown droppings – but that patchwork 914/6 was hideous and the comment in no way reflects upon the rest of the 914 market….although we did make an unfortunate  comparison between the rare 914-6, syphilis, small pox and being bitten by an electric eel. That may have been a bit over the top, because syphilis is not rare at all – it is quite common, like a 914/4.

That is all.