Properly Done: 1974 MG MGB GT V6

There are many ways to do a bad engine swap on a classic British coupe — the first way is to downgrade a gloriously complicated V12 with an inline-6 (if I wanted something reliable and uncomplicated I would have purchased a Lexus in the first place), another is to use some horrible slushbox for shifting, and the final downgrade is any 4X4 suspensionno and no…with a side of no…please.  Today’s next feature is an example of how to properly pimp your British lightweight without peeving the purists.  Find this 1974 MG MGB GT V6 here on eBay bidding for $6,801 with a few hours to go, located in Salem, OR.

You might recognize the seller — Blue Oval Ranch — from a few previous features, but BOR buys and resells any number of clean condition classics (has a nice ’66 Mustang Coupe on eBay right now too). At the current bidding price, it is much more financially prudent to pay a re-seller a few bucks than build your own.

Under the hood is a 2.8 liter GM V6 borrowed from a Camaro, and the installation looks nicely done.  Performance should be decent because the V6 has been upgraded with an aftermarket cam, intake, carb — expect something in the 150-200 horsepower range.

The interior looks clean/neat too — the shifter, while clearly not stock, doesn’t have some giant chrome t-handle on top and appears to be in a good location for doing business.

See a better engine swapped British classic?