Proper Auction: 1985 Bitter SC

This next car came as a tip from Matt C who wrote: Bitter SC heading towards auction. And I thought to myself; Oh great, another opportunity for an oddball cheap and interesting car to get slathered with a thick veneer of nostalgia from a group of self-appointed experts in the comments of one of those 5% buyers-premium auction sites and then bid into silly money range by the deep pockets of…oh…wait…an insurance auction? Suuhhh-wheat!! A dirty car that might not have keys and will need a trailer to get home? That’s more my style. Find this 1985 Bitter SC on the IAAI auction website in Atlanta, GA.

From the seller:

Stock #: 29425405
Selling Branch: Atlanta North (GA)
VIN (Status): W09526219FS (OK)
Loss: Other
Primary Damage: Left & Right Side
Secondary Damage: Right Side
Title/Sale Doc: Wait Title
Start Code: Stationary
Key: Present
Odometer: 64,271 mi (Not Actual)
Airbags: Intact

VIN (Status): W09526219FS (OK)
Vehicle: Automobile
Engine: Unknown Specs
Transmission: Automatic Transmission
Fuel Type: Unknown
Cylinders: Unknown
Exterior/Interior: Brown / Unknown
Options: Console Display
Model: SC

See a better way to swallow a bitter pill?