Proof of Concept: 2019 US Econo-Car

Oh boy.  Whenever somebody sends in something like this, I have to cringe. Not because the car itself is a repugnant abomination beyond forgiveness and an offence against taste and decency, but because I can see future and the future goes like this: I write something snarky, people in the comments feed on that seed of revulsion and then 2 years later the owner/builder/seller finds this site and goes all rain man in the comments about how we’ve stolen photos and the commenters are loathsome communists who wouldn’t know a good idea if it fell out of the bottom of a 747 and hit them in the head like a piece of supersonic blue ice.  Anyway…find this 2019 US Econo-Car offered for an undisclosed amount of cash located in Tucson, AZ via craigslist. Tip from Peter.

 From the seller:

2019 US Econo-Car 

VIN: yes 

condition: new 

cylinders: 4 cylinders 

drive: fwd 

fuel: gas 

odometer: 000 

paint color: red 

size: sub-compact 

title status: clean 

transmission: manual 

type: other 

After 26+ years of hard work/testing and upgrading prototypes, I have completely finished my U.S. Econo-Car. Car is crush-proof,(uses a NASCAR type chassis/roll cage), is Fire-Proof,(uses a on-board extinguisher system), Rust-Proof,(uses a non-metal body),gets over 50 MPG, could retail for $10,000, made in the USA. For photos and more details click on my direct ad link below.

I am looking to sell-out, for just a small portion of my investment.

See a better way to invest in the next big car startup company?