Project Rusty Steal: 1974 BMW 2002 tii

From time to time I am going to suggest that a car is a good deal.  A steal.  A bargain.  A pearl among swine.  A Hemi Cuda among Priuses.  Tonight, I’ve got a hot one.  So hot, that I am publishing it as soon as the words have finished flowing from my finger tips onto the computer screen in front of me.  Without further ado…find this 1974 BMW 2002 tii  offered for $900 in Ventura, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Sean S.

Seriously, if you buy this car, you owe Sean S a beer, or an all-you-can-eat taco trip to TJ, or your first born child…because this is a serious deal for a BMW 2002 tii.  Ignore the fact that the rear suspension is totally missing (you can buy that) and pray that the interior isn’t a Flintstone’s special (you can weld that) and hope this isn’t a scammer.  Run, don’t walk, because this won’t be on craigslist long with all the car flipping vultures around.

The seller claims that the Kugelfischerschmidtinzorn fuel injection is “all intact” but it is missing from the engine bay.  The interior has been removed for whatever reason, but can be included for $100….yeah…get the interior, it is worth it.  Once assembled, the 2002 tii should be worth something in the $5-10k range even without a good paint job, so I give this a BUY BUY BUY.

See another car that offers a cheaper entry price to the magical kingdom of potentially bankrupting repairs?