Price Dropped: 1984 Porsche 944 Custom Porvette

Update 3-Sept-2015: It appears the price of custom Porsche 944s closely follows the Shanghai stock exchange, because this 1984 Porsche 944 Porvette was offered for $18k earlier this year, but now it’s for sale at a dealer’s lot for $6,599 CAD ($5,431 USD).  Tip from JJ who writes:   Hey there… I just noticed that this Porvette is still/back on the market at 1/3 the asking price from April. I’m still not interested, but WOW, what a price drop!!!! 

Original Feature 18-Apr-2015: This next feature comes as a tip from JJ  who writes:  Plenty of people have put American blocks in their Porsches, and we all have names for that, but someone in my neighbourhood found a different way to make their Porsche more ‘murican! Here is an overpriced 944 that has been stylized to look like what I can only assume is a ’65 Corvette.  Porsche purists take note – under all that Botox, the original 944 block is still resting where the factory put it.  This is what I would call a sheep in wolf’s clothing.  Find this 1984 Porsche 944 Custom Porvette offered for $23,000 CAD ($18,409 USD), located in Nepean, Ontario, Canada.

You know you’ve found a good custom when it makes you recoil in horror and wish for more pictures at the same time.  I would love to have a better look at the front end and I can’t figure out where the builder found that funky wrap around rear window. The seller mentions that the car is running stock 1984 Porsche 944 powertrain with 78k miles (kilometers?) which should put out 143 horsepower.

See another Porsche that seriously needs a Corvette engine swap?