Press Release: Small Time Blog Plans 50 Posts In One Day, Gone In 60 Seconds Tribute.

For Immediate Release:

The editors at the two-bit blog Daily Turismo are announcing a hair-brained plan to celebrate the site’s first anniversary.  DT bills itself as being “a collection of the internet’s best fun cars, cheap daily drivers, vintage cars and custom junk on the road for less than $20k” and this week they may have gotten in too deep.  On July 17, 2013 the Daily Turismo will feature 50 cars in one day, a colossal feat for a blog that typically posts 3-5 features per day.  It won’t be as simple as finding any 50 cars to write about, as according to DT Editor-in-Chief Vince B, “that would be too easy.”

The cars are going to be pre-released 24 hours prior to the birthday blogathon in a list of the 50 desired make/model/generations, asking readers to help locate the best deal for each car.  The list will include Gone In 60 Seconds style names for each make/model, and as always with DT, price matters.   The car list pre-release will happen at 5AM PST July 16, 2013 and the 50 car blog will commence at 5AM 24 hours later and feature a new car every 15 minutes.

About Daily Turismo

DT was started in July 2012 as an outlet for a few cheap car obsessed friends to share the cheap junk they found on the internet with a wider audience.  As of one year later, DT has gotten over 650,000 pageviews, 3000 comments, 1700 facebook likes and a strong base of commenters & tippers.