Pre-War Pre-Chrysler: 1925 Maxwell

This next car comes as a tip from TeleArrow who writes: I bet you savvy DT regulars have heard of a Maxwell before, but I haven’t. It was running when parked a mere one and a half score ago so what could be wrong? Maybe not much since this thing is pretty darn simple. I can’t say I know much about pre-war Maxwell either, aside from the fact that it was absorbed into Chrysler in 1925 and you can probably fix anything on the car with a crescent wrench, fliers, and a horse-powered lathe. Find this 1925 Maxwell offered for $5,950 in Williston, VT via craigslist.

From the seller:

1925 Maxwell
condition: fair
fuel: gas
odometer: 26000
paint color: blue
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: sedan

1925 Maxwell-has been in my family for almost 60 years. All original condition, with wooden spoked wheels. It was running when I parked it almost 30 years ago. A true classic, Jack Benny would be proud. (If your plans are to make it into a hot rod-please don’t tell me!). We are downsizing, it’s time to let it go! It was featured in many props for local department stores and was in many parades, but needs some new love.

See a better way to drive an antique?