Pre War Hot Rod: 1932 Ford Model A

If you tried driving a stock Model A around in modern traffic, you would certainly find yourself terrified being swarmed by grandmas and overly aggressive Uber drivers (sometimes one and the same!), but on the other hand a more modern Chevy 350 powered hot rod is seriously played out. Head for the middle ground and get a classic pre-war style rod instead. Find this 1930 Ford Model A here on eBay bidding for $13,000 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go, located somewhere in the Midwest.

From the seller:

Pre-War Hotrod Roadster Model A Survivor

We realize that the car featured in this auction is not going to be eveybody’s cup of tea.  For those that can only be satisfied with a TRUE PRE-WAR MODEL A ROADSTER HOTROD, that exists today in its basic hotrod form and condition, paint and interior as it was made from 1942-1945.

This car could be the car for your museum or collection!

The two gentlemen that produced this hotrod were both accomplished engineers of the day.

This Model A Roadster has a Model B engine, dual carbs, Burns intake overhead valves.  

Yes, yes, period correct overhead valves on a 4-cylinder Model A engine, can you believe it!  

Casting on the overhead says, “use anti-knock fuel and use high compression plugs, Schofield Inc. of America, Los Angeles.

Like we said, this car is the REAL DEAL FROM THE 1940S.  

This car runs good and it runs fast!  Ask for information on video of the car running!

It has new tires and tubes.  Other than that it is in its basic form from the 1940s.

Yes, we know that there are some car collectors that like the cars in their collection, that are pure to their originality.  In order to achieve that goal there is always the hope of finding a true survivor as it existed during its time.  This is one of the those cars that every car collector of California pre-war style hotrods dreams of finding.  Yes this car is just as it was built with all the best of speed equipment of the day including the overhead valve engine conversion (yes, we have to repeat – this is an overhead valve engine) from the parts that were available during the early 1940s.

It is all metal, sorry you fans of fiberglass, you won’t find any fiberglass on this car. 

The car drives like a 1940s period hotrod, Fast & Loud, and looks like a 1940s hotrod (all Henry Ford Metal).  It can keep up with modern traffic, try doing that with your production Model A Ford.  The speed equipment on this car and the overhead valve kit from the 1940s is irreplaceable especially when you consider that it is all together in one piece on one engine and in totally great running condition.  (See video in this listing of the car running).

If you want a true piece of history and are willing to spend the money for it then this could be the car that you need in your collection or possibly in your museum of super rare American hotrods from the 40s.

This car is fully documented and the buyer will receive all the original documentation to prove up the history of this car.  Please do not call us and ask us for copies of the history they are being held exclusively for the new buyer.

This is genuine, true American hotrod history and very few cars can compare with this car for its historical significance and documentation.  We welcome all serious buyer inquiries. 

See a better way to drive a metal classic?