Prancing Deer: 1972 Triumph Stag Custom

The Triumph Stag was a 2+2 convertible sports tourer designed by Giovanni Michelotti (known for his work on the Triumph Spitfire, GT6, TR4, Ferrari 250/340/375, Maserati 3500/5000, and BMW 2002…you get the idea) and produced by Triumph. Today’s Stag has been de-bumpered and the result is a car that looks more mid 60s Lotus or Ferrari than something from Coventry and with the addition of a Chevy V8 (big upgrade over the small 3 liter Triumph V8…maybe not in terms of cool, but certainly torque and power). Find this 1972 Triumph Stag Custom offered for $5100 in Tampa, FL via Facebash Marketrace. Tip from David S. 

From the seller:




Listed a day ago in Tampa, FL

Seller’s description

super rare 72 triumph stag v8 350 corvette engine,runs good,is a Ferrari conversion so no bumpers it look a lot better like this,interior is all complete,leathers seat are like new,the only make 25.800 total and only 2.500 come to USA from 70 to 73,so i magine the rigth now probably less 1.000 rigth now, new radiator,new water pump,new thermostat and hoses, new fuel pump,you can look around and you can’t find to many for sale rigth now and if you find some they are super spencer,clean title


Need new top….. $450 on ebay

Tires,the hold air but they are old

And litle tlc here and there

No you can’t drive it home for the radiator and because need to go thru before put on the road

See a better way to drive something Britalian?