Power Fender Mirrors: 1982 Toyota Carina Twin Cam Turbo

Let’s lay out the facts for a moment, shall we? Lag-then-scream twin cam turbo power, remotely adjustable fender mirrors, tight limited slip, and super-80’s scripted interior – could it get any more JDM in the best ways possible?  Find this 1982 Toyota Carina Twin Cam Turbo here for sale in Dallas, TX for $4,500 via craigslist.

Tip from FuelTruck

Though it does look a tad monotonic with the white Supra wheels, the conservative three box body looks fairly straight, and a bit like a Japanese Fairmont. An alternate wheel choice, be it going back to stock or selecting something period aftermarket might break things up a little if paired with a slight drop in ride height.

The seller of the car states that he’s offing the car from his books due to the insurmountable challenges of driving a right-hand-drive car in the US. Aside from backing through Taco Bell being a complete pain in the ass and requiring passengers to spot for you before passing or making left turns, driving on the other side is not a deal big enough to warrant selling a car. What really makes this car special is the powertrain; a 160hp 3T-GTEU twin cam four, 5 speed manual, and limited-slip live axle diff, ensuring together that this otherwise sedate sedan is a complete skid machine.

Every car should take after the Carina and have its notable features emblazon upon fabric. “Twin Cam Turbo” script adorns the center of the seats as well as the door panels, a constant reminder and subtle encouragement to do something stupid or impress bystanders with some boost flutters. The Turbo writing on the steering wheel says “Take me, turn me all the way, then hit my gas pedal friend”.

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