Polar Vortex Approved: Equinox SnowCoach Caboose

Imagine for a minute that you’d purchased that crazy Trail-a-Sled thing from the other day. The part airplane, part sled, part insanity. But you don’t have enough room for your kids or dogs or stuff. What do you do? What kind of a trailer could you put behind a giant propeller that wouldn’t be an instant code brown for anyone riding in your trailer? Oh. Here it is. Find this Equinox SnowCoach Caboose offered for $2,600 in Danville, VT via polarbook marketex. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

Equinox SnowCoach Snow Caboose
Listed 2 weeks ago in Danville, VT
Used – Good
Equinox Snow Coach Snowmobile caboose. Seats 2 children comfortably and even has a 12 volt heater!

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