Pick of the Litter: 1988 Porsche 928 S4

If you’re looking to stretch your meager transportation budget into exotic-like car territory then the 928 is one P-car that is still within reach for many buyers.  There are, however, a few caveat emptors; such as deferred maintenance and the ability to work our your own vehicle. Without a good knowledge of both, you can kiss your budget goodbye.  Choose wisely, grasshopper.  Find this 1988 Porsche 928 S4 for sale near San Francisco, CA for $9.988 via craigslist. 

1987 saw the introduction of the S4 variant 928, basically a smoother body and a single power train for world-wide consumption were the biggest changes from 1986.  This 1988 model has a unique color combo and a claimed 86K documented miles.  Some paint issues are disclosed along with mechanical and interior issues.  If the mileage claim is true then this could very well be a good buy.

HP jumped from 288 in ’86 to 315 for ’87.  The 4 cam 32V 5.0L is an interference engine so timing belt history is a must.  As with all S4 automatics, flex plate check is also another mandatory item.  Now pushing the 30 year mark for age, belts, fuel lines, gaskets, & hoses would be overdue for a refresh if not already tackled.  The seller also lists a coolant leak issue.

Although white isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the contrasting colors do look good.  There are some good cleaning products out there that would bring the white rugs back to their glory days.  The seats may need a little more attention, but by far the dash is the biggest issue.  No doubt this car has sat out in the baking sun for many years.  The good news is that it’s likely to pick-up a decent used replacement from some of the P-car salvage places for reasonable $$$. 

The seller posted the CL ad as “by owner”, but a quick Google of the phone number turns up a dealer in SF.  That and the fact that he is selling two other 928s in the same ad blows his cover.  If you’re yearning for a manual model, check out the ’83 5-speed he is selling.  The absence of side body moldings makes for one clean-looking shark!  

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