Pedal To The Wood? 1982 Toyota Corolla

I have strong memories of an 81/82 vintage Toyota Corolla and let me tell ya…they ain’t good memories. The car was owned/driven by a friend of mine and it was slow, an ugly shade of jaundice, handled like crap, and saddled with a recalcitrant slushbox. Did I mention it was slow? But here’s the thing…with the all other cars from that era, I remember having to find a payphone to call someone for a ride, or needing a quick fix on the side of the road, but that stupid Corolla just kept running and running. It is no surprise that Toyota sold 44 million Corollas from 1966 through 2016 because they figured out how to make a car that, although soulless, was reliable. Perhaps an injection of horsepower could make this thing fun, but then would you need to remove the custom clutch pedal extender? Find this 1982 Toyota Corolla offered for $6,350 in Philadelphia, PA via craigslist. Tips from ME and Cory.

From the seller:

1982 toyota corolla
condition: like new
fuel: gas
odometer: 88923
title status: clean
transmission: manual

Cars a time capsule
This is the Corolla Tercel model ( the only year)
Original window sticker, books
Manuel transmission
Only 88k documented through car fax

Scores a 46/46 on history
Elderly owned ( block of wood on clutch short women)
Everything works
Maintained perfect
Floors &Frame$ shock towers are shown perfect

See a better way to drive a Corolla?