Parts Bin: Saab Soccerball Alloys

Welcome to a new feature from Daily Turismo — Parts.  It is a horrible name, but it was the best I could do with the budget and resources provided me, perhaps someone in the comments can come up with a better name for DT’s new obsession with cheap used junk.  First up in the parts bin (hey, that is a much better name) is this group of Saab Soccerball Alloys offered for $100/set (or $150 with special nuts) in Gig Harbor, WA via craigslist.

Soccerball alloys are a factory Saab 5-lug magnesium alloy 14×5″ wheel that were originally sold on the Saab Sonett but fit the 95 and 96 models.  Later, the Saab 99 was given its own set of 4-lug Soccerball alloys and that is what we see here for sale…3 sets of them!

 So many soccerballs….

 Soccerballsplosion!!!!  Thanks to Kaibeezy for the graphics!!