Parting Out: 1996 Acura NSX

It always surprises me when people end up liquidating assets in the middle of a bubble. There was a neighbor of mine who had a house foreclosed on him when the market was appreciating at 20% year over year gains and I can’t imagine how the seller of this next NSX came to the conclusion that it is worth more in pieces than as a whole. Since 2014 a “good” condition #3 NSX has gone from $30k in Hagerty valuation to $90k. I can’t imagine the same can be said for all of the individual components of an NSX. But here we are. Find this 1996 Acura NSX being parted out on facesmash markingbook.

From the seller:

Listed 2 weeks ago in West Palm Beach, FL
Used – Good
Let’s start out by saying THE CAR IS NOT FOR SALE SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK. No trades!!
What is listed for sale is simply what is for sale and that is all. Price is cash upon buyer pick up, will ship at your expense on any item but you
Must cover shipping in full with insurance and payment processing fees

All drivetrain parts will be coming off of a 1996 NA1 NSX
Parts for sale:

-front seats $2,000 -PENDING
-steering wheel w/ airbag $500
-front bumper w/ lip $1,000
-comptech supercharger complete kit $5,000
-engine long block 106k miles $8,500
-automatic transmission $2,500
-HRE 3pc wheels w/ good tires $2,500
-TE37 double staggered 17 & 18 $3,500
-coilover struts $500
-oem ECU $800
-axles $600
-4 calipers and rotors $800

LH quarter panel $1,000

See another sad example of a once great car?