Package of 116’s: Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Maratona Edition & Milano Bundle

I like to watch the American Pickers show every so often.  It’s kinda fun to see what people collect and watch Mike and Frank try to pull some of it away from the hoarders collectors.  One of the techniques that Frank is famous for is The Bundle where he tries to get a little better price buying a few items together vs. as singletons.  Maybe Frank can help you out with these two Alfa Romeos.  Find this 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Maratona Edition and 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano package deal for sale in Bellingham, WA for $7,800 via craigslist.

The 116 chassis Alfa Romeos replaced the 105/115 chassis cars in the early 70’s.  First named the Alfettas, the Alfetta GT two door replaced the Bertone GTV and the Alfetta Sedan replaced the Berlina.  There were plans to replace the evergreen spider with a 116 car, but it never came to fruition.   The 116 cars shared the same 2 liter DOHC inline 4’s as the 105/115’s and were notable for their transaxle, inboard rear brakes and de dion rear suspension.  In the early 80’s AR stuffed their new SOHC 2.5 liter V-6 in the Alfetta GT and renamed it the GTV-6.  As the Italians were known to do, they came out with some special editions that usually were just all trim and no real performance tweaks.  This GTV-6 is a Maratona Edition that consisted of a “ground effects” package and some special badges.  Supposedly only 250 were built.  This one is missing a fender flare, which will probably not be easy to source.  More importantly, the engine’s sump lost an argument with a curb late one night, which brings us to the Milano part of the bundle.

The Milano or 75 in the rest of the world, was the end of the line for the 116 series.  It shared the same 2.5 liter V-6 and transaxle/de dion setup. The bundler bought this Milano to take the engine and driveline out of and transplant into the Maratona.  However, after driving the car they decided it was too nice to part, with only 78,000 miles on it.

Looking at the engine picture of the Milano, I’d have to agree.  The ad lists mucho work done on the car in the last year including timing belt, second gear syncro (Alfas are notorious for them), radiator, KONI shocks, Ricambi springs, rebuilt rear calipers (big pain in the butt to work on), Pro Rally wheels with new tires and more. I’d better stop as I’m talking myself into buying it.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He’s been an Alfista since forever. The doctor that delivered him was a life long Alfista and somehow infected him with the Quadrifoglio.