Out Of Focus: 1987 Pontiac Fiero Northstar Swap

Nearly everyone has some version of a smartphone so you would think it would be relatively simple task to post clear photos of a car for sale.  I am continually amazed at sellers indifference to posting decent photos.  From time to time, you get a seller that thinks just because they are selling a cheap car that it gives them a free pass to post no photos or to get indignant when asked for more.  A Cadillac Northstar V8 swapped Fiero gets people’s attention around the pages of DT, but it appears the seller this car applied a coating of Crisco to the lense of his camera before shooting these pics.  Find this 1987 Pontiac Fiero for sale in Rotterdam, NY for $2,900 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:


FAMILY HEALTH ISSUES . ——– Needs some cosmetic attention & some interior as well .

MECHANICAL : Needs Exhaust System Re – Fabricated ( Inquire For Details ) —— Has Mega Squirt Electronics , Engine 

runs Good ( 130,000 Mi. ) ———— BASICALLY Needs to be cleaned up a Little & Have a Master Custom Exhaust 

Fabricator Re – Do the Exhaust System ( Again Inquire For Details ) 

The Car Is Currently Registered , Insured & Inspected . —– Call Or Email

Back in 1993, these Northstar engines were a revelation.  I was on internship at a country club in New Hampshire that summer and fall.  The club was hosting a Cadillac Pro-Am tournament.  One of the members was the general manager of a local dealership and dropped off to us a brand new STS. Deville, and Fleetwood to be put on display for the event.  The 300hp STS felt like a literal rocket ship for a nineteen year old college student who at the time was driving a Buick Somerset T-type.  For whatever reason, they ended up leaving the cars (with keys) in our possession for well over a week.  In that time, we managed to find every excuse in the book to drive the STS and put well over a thousand miles on the car.   One night, I lost the coin flip and had to take the white on white Deville on a fun road trip to Portsmouth.  Needless to say the member nearly had a heart attack when he caught wind of the miles on all the cars.

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Cory is going to start plotting the front end rebuild of his 1995 Mercedes C36.