Original Donkey Car: 1973 Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto was released for the 1971 model year as the face of the future for American automobiles. I think that might have been true…because it was smaller, crappier, and a total disappointment to all involved. If you think I’m exaggerating, just keep in mind that domestic automakers had a 90 percent market share in 1965, but by 2018 it was down to 44 percent (check out this animated chart for the decline and fall of the Big 3). Anyway, you can re-live the glory days when American manufacturers didn’t have to care about what the consumer wanted with this sweet classic donkey-car. Find this 1973 Ford Pinto bidding for $8000 reserve-not-met (whut?) in Southampton, NY via ebay.

From the seller:

1973 Ford Pinto 17,000 original miles.
Super clean in/out. Reliable,garage kept car.
Rock solid. Drive anywhere.
I just went over the whole car and would have no issues driving it anywhere at anytime.
I just drove it last month as a daily driver @ 1000 miles. Zero issues. No stories.


Heater core/hoses
All exterior bulbs/ headlight LED
Water pump
Both belts
Ignition wires/distributor/spark plugs
Fuel lines/filter/emptied and cleaned tank
Fuel pump
Battery/ground wire
Air filter/oil filter
Rear wheel cylinders
Wipers (have original arms with factory wipers)
Oil/antifreeze/brake fluid

Runs amazing
Shifts perfect
Drives straight
Window seals are tight (no leaks) as well as body seals
All lights work exterior/interior/horn
Windows roll up and down no issues.
Great heat and the AM radio works and makes you laugh every time you turn it on. (Light works in that as well)

If you want any specific pictures or videos please ask. I am more than welcome to provide.
Clear NY title in my name.

Again any questions please ask.
If anyone wants to come take a look that’s great. I am in Southampton NY(originally purchased at Yawney motors in Southampton)
If you have any need for shipping please let me know and we can see how I can help
Thank you for your time.

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