Only One on Your Block: Thai Tuk Tuk

This next car comes as tip from SecondMouse who writes: No, not tsk-tsk. Tuk-tuk. As in the ubiquitous vehicle of Thailand. I’m reasonably sure you won’t see this in your neighbors driveway. Seller mentions that the vehicle functions, but that it may need some more work to be safe. I feel compelled to point out that no amount of work would ever make this vehicle safe in the land of mobile phone-distracted SUV-driving teenagers, but it might be fun in the meantime. Offered in Austin for $3200.  Find this Thai Tuk Tuk offered for $3200 in Austin, TX via craigslist.

From the seller:

Thai Tuk Tuk

fuel: gas

transmission: manual

Original Tuk Tuk from Thailand. Such a cool vehicle–would be fun to cruise around with your family or friends! Way cooler than a golf cart! :) Larger than Indian (Bajaj) models. Could seat 7 adults–most tuk tuks only have one row of seats. These auto rickshaws were built to service the Thai tourism market. Tuktuk runs, goes in and out of gear, and the brakes work. Needs a bit more work to be a safe driver. Please call 512-six95-two2seven7 with any questions. No texts, please.

See a better way to drive something strange?