One Ogre: 1989 Ford Tempo AWD

By Gianni —  The Ford Tempo / Mercury Topaz was the Jack Telnack designed compact-sized successor to the Ford Fairmont / Mercury Zephyr.   The Tempo / Topaz twins were produced from 1983 to 1994 in both 2 door coupe and 4 door sedan versions.   The twins were mainly wrong wheel drive, however an AWD version was available with selectable AWD and the 2.3 L HSO (High Specific Output) inline 4 producing a magical 100 HP.    With all that going for it, it no wonder that there aren’t more one owner Tempo’s and Topaz’s littering Craigslist or eBay.  Find this formerly one owner 1989 Ford Tempo AWD here on eBay classified ads for $5,990 in Canton, GA by a dealer.

The first photo in the ad shows the car under a cover and the write up says the previous owner kept it covered in a garage.  I think it was kept covered for other reasons – kinda like wearing a paper bag on your head (or at least I’d want to when driving around in it).

Just in case you forgot this gem was powered by the 100 hp HSO 2.3L, Ford graciously cast a reminder on the valve cover.

Not only is this car painted a wonderful AARP white, foretelling the new millennium’s most popular car color, you also get a beige interior complete with mouse-up-the-door-pillar seat belts.  At this point, they are probably safer than a Takata airbag.  All kidding aside, the interior looks pristine. The underneath looks clean too, ready to take to your local cars & coffee and wow the crowd with your 80’s survivor.

See better reminder of the bland side of the 80’s?

Big thanks to Gianni for writing this feature.