Old Thing: 1927 Chevrolet Capital AA

In the world of antique project cars, there are cars that need some work and then there are cars where the entire roof has been reconstructed with duct tape. This, unfortunately, is one of the latter. “Solid for the age” the seller states with the supreme confidence of a person asking for less than $5k for an ancient chariot like this next car. The Chevrolet AA was a replacement for the Series M that was only sold in the 1927 model year and was replaced by the Series AB for 1928. I have zero idea if parts availability and information for the total restoration is easily available, but the price is right. Find this 1927 Chevrolet Capital AA offered for $3850 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Newburyport, MA via ebay. Tip from John W.

From the seller:

Hello folks! Up for sale is a rare find. This is a 1927 Chevy Capitol AA Coach two door that has been in a barn since 1971!!! Local Massachusetts find. Last on road December of 1971. Pre title car, no title, never had one, just a bill of sale but I am sure you can get one for something this old and antique if you know how to do it. Removed from barn a couple months back. Solid car overall but will need to be restored. This car was once a show car over 50 years ago. You could use her for parts, but I feel that would be a terrible end for such a survivor! Engine cranks over by hand and has compression. I cleaned all the junk out of the interior, vacuumed it and put it back together. You could defiantly drive it with the condition of the interior the way it is if she was running. Roof canvas was bad so I made a roof from 10 rolls of Gorilla Tape which is actually working well with no leaks. Only the drivers door works, passenger door is zip tied closed as it was off the car when I got it. All glass is good minus passenger side that is missing. I put a piece of plexiglass to keep water out. Car needs woodwork around the windshield top, doors, roof, etc. These cars are half wood overall. Will need mechanical work, exhaust, parts, tires and so on. These cars are very basic and simple mechanically. This is a project car and being sold as such. Rusty underneath from sitting but not rotted. Good solid frame, etc. Comes with a bunch of old paperwork, interior samples, old bill of sale and so on. Asking $3,850/bo. Being sold AS IS AS FOUND FOR RESTORE/PARTS. Local pickup only. IF TRULY INTERESTED, MESSAGE ME TO SET UP A TIME TO SHE HER IN PERSON BEFORE BUYING. You will need a trailer. Its a narrow driveway with a sharp turn so you need to have skill at backing down a trailer. Bring friends and a winch. Located in Newburyport, Mass. Any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks! Adam

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