Old Enough To Drink: 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4

This next car is tempting.  Really tempting.  It looks the part of the $100k sports car, but costs less than a used Kia from your local dealer…what gives?  Two things — first it IS a 996 with 147k miles on the clock and second it is a 996.  However, it has de-fried egg headlights, updated IMS, clear corners, a GT3ish wing, and newer 991 wheels that makes it look newer than a 21 year old car…which makes it almost a classic.  Find this 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 offered for $13,000 in San Diego, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4

condition: excellent

cylinders: 6 cylinders

drive: 4wd

fuel: gas

odometer: 147500

paint color: silver

size: compact

title status: clean

transmission: manual

type: coupe


NEW TIRES installed.

After five years of ownership I am selling my beautiful Porsche 911. She has been an absolute pleasure to own and drive but I have a second child on the way and more toys than I can justify. The car runs perfectly in every way. I have kept the car up to date on all maintenance and always go above and beyond to make sure the car is kept in excellent running order. This car was over $100,000 new and you can tell why when you drive it. I have made very few modification to the car and have nearly all of the factory parts in case you want to make it completely stock again. All oil changes done with Mobil 1 0w40 full synthetic. All other fluid changes done with OEM Porsche fluids.

Mechanically the car is 10/10. This car will run a thousand times better than a Porsche of the same year with 20k-30k miles. Garage queens like that sit and sit and when you start to drive them all the engine seals that have become dry and brittle from not being used will crack and fail and leave you with some hefty repair bills.

Just had new Hankook Ventus Evo2’s installed in the rear within the last 30 miles. The front’s match and have lots of tread left.

The body would be an 8/10, she isn’t perfect and have a few chips and scratches as would be expected for a car of this age. I drove this car almost daily for several years. The was also just clayed/polished/nano coated with a full headlight restoration.

The mufflers are custom and the car sounds absolutely amazing. Not so loud that it is annoying to drive and no droning on the freeway. I get stopped in traffic 1-2 times a month with compliments on how the car sounds.

I installed smoked euro corner lights (I still have the factory corners as well).

I installed a K&N intake and filter which is pictured. I have the factory airbox as well but the K&N does have a CARB certification sticker for smogging purposes.

The windows are tinted and have a lifetime warranty (I have all the paperwork for the warranty).

The wheels are upgraded and updated 19″ wheels from the newer 991 body Porsche 911. I also have the factory factory wheels (rare BBS Sport Design GT-3 wheels) which will be sold separately but can be negotiated if interested (tires on old wheels are a bit worn down but still usable).

Service History:

88232 miles oil change

95835 miles oil change/drain plug

95962 clock spring replaced

100650 transmission fluid change

101347 rear tires replaced

101453 straighten/repair rear wheels

101503 front brakes, rotors, pads, sensors, gt3 brake ducts

102324 — 12/17/13 — oil change, plugs, plug tubes, exhaust clamps replaced

102540 — 12/19/13 — secondary air check valves (2) and solenoids (2), accessory belt

106325 — 3/19/14 — catalytic converters, upstream and downstream oxygen sensors

108165 — 07/29/14 — oil change

112042 — 12/21/14 — oil change

112900 — 1/15/15 — evap purge valve replaced, maf sensor replaced

118902 — 06/07/15 — oil change

123834 — 03/05/16 — oil change

124017 — 03/20/16 — cleaned throttle body

124917 — 05/21/16 — water pump, thermostat, coolant

125995 — 6/23/16 — rear brakes, pads, rotors, wear sensors

126240 — 07/04/16 — front brakes, pads, wear sensors

128772 — 11/06/16 — oil change

129040 — 12/02/16 — replaced all interior and trunk/engine lights with led bulbs

129063 — 12/07/16 — cabin air filter, new battery (Walmart-5 year warranty), replaced right brake light

130150 — 02/11/17 — cat delete pipes, new o2 sensors and spacers

134297 — date — new wheels and tires

134385 — 06/28/17 — replace shift cable clip, oil change, new drain plug

134405 — 07/02/17 — replaced both rear turn signal bulbs, cleaned throttle body

135207– 07/15/17 — replaced oil fill tube, tube o-ring, and oil cap

135258 — 07/23/17 — replaced oil fill tube, tube o-ring, installed updated 997 alternator bracket

136600 — 09/21/17 — replaced passenger side window regulator

138938 — 11/25/17 — cleaned throttle body, replaced drive belt pulleys and tensioner pulley with updated 997 pulleys

139807 — 01/04/18 — oil change

140896 — 05/23/18 — installed new clock spring

141073 — 06/05/18 — installed new air oil separator, repaired broken vacuum line, installed 2 new deck lid bumpers, installed new fuel filter

141268 — 06/11/18 — replaced oil scavenge pump, replaced gasket for aos to engine oil feed line, resealed passenger side valve cover, oil change, all recommended maintenance performed

142759 — 07/29/18 — replaced battery, 3 year warranty

143098 — 09/03/2018 — installed new front hood support strut, installed new upstream bank 1 O2 sensor

144394 — 05/08/2019 — IMS update from pelican

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