Oil Burner: 1984 Ford Tempo Diesel Manual

Mention the Ford Tempo around the average car guy and he will either shrug his shoulders in frustration or start to get those uncontrollable itches — you know, the kind you get when you see someone trying to jump start an electric car.  But this next Tempo has a compression ignited surprise under the hood that’ll make you feel pins and needles like you’ve never felt before.  Find this 1984 Ford Tempo offered for $6,000 in Knoxville, TN via craigslist. Tip from PB.

From the seller:

New head and completely serviced. All new belts (and timing). This is a super rare car. Is complete inside. suede seats, beautiful inside. No torn or badly warn. Everything works inside and out. Tilt, cruise, AC, has upgraded CD player. This is GREAT equipment to own. Solid shutting doors and solid is the best word for it. If you want reliability in snow and daily driving that is comfortable and solid. Both front ball joints and struts and new alignment. New tires. Needs nothing. Miles appear on odometer as 300k. Do know it does not smoke and starts like a gas motor, instantly. So regardless it has a strong motor.

photos https://jpegbay.com/gallery/006597826-.html#1

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