Off Road: 1989 Toyota Van 4X4

Who hasn’t looked at the compact AWD available Toyota mini-vans from the 80s and thought — those really need a lift and some mud tires to make them complete?  No?  Nobody else?  Just me?  Again!!??  Find this 1989 Toyota Van 4X4 offered for $3,500 in Lexington, OH via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

The simple answer to the question of what do you drive when you are down to your last few bucks is the Toyota van. Mostly because they are reliable and simple, but also because you can live in it — if it comes to that.  This one is not only the all-wheel-drive version, but also sports the desirable manual gearbox, the only issue is that a few things need to be fixed (like the AC) before you could really think about using it for the next Paris-Dakar rally.

See a better way to drive around and look homeless?