NSync Syncro: 1987 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Syncro w/ Subaru power

by Adam — Want
near 50/50 weight distribution, sleeping accommodations, and off road
capability? Look no further. To Baja and beyond this four wheel drive
can get you to the start of the race and when the pavement ends the fun
doesn’t stop.  Setting the tone of your adventure starts with the
vehicle driven. Arrive in style.  These 4 Wheel Drive Volkswagen Type 3
Vanagons take all the utility of a regular Vanagon and add a
Steyr-Daimler-Puch four wheel drive system. Find this 1987 Volkswagen Type 2 Westphalia with Subaru SVX power for sale in Bend, Oregon for $48,200 via craigslist.

The van appears to be in good shape with several upgrades for modern convenience and utility with only two small rust areas noted by the seller. Inside a stove and sink allow you to prepare the meal, but the fridge delete means you need to pack a cooler. Tinted windows, awning and LED lights help to modernize and provide a more pleasant experience. Three deep cycle batteries and a master cutoff switch to the starter battery means not waking up to find the engine does not start because the kids plugged in their lap tops into the inverter supplied power.   

A transplanted 230 horsepower Subaru SVX engine will provide a power upgrade. The 1.9 and 2.1 engines originally powering the gas versions reached as high as 112 horsepower, but that output was only available in Europe.  In the United States between 59-95 horsepower was more common. The Subaru power plant is a common engine swap and the new owner will be more than pleased when trying to keep up with modern traffic or probably happier to be able to get out of town faster. With more demand than supply for these vans there are plenty of enthusiast web sites to get you NSync with your new Syncro.

See a better van to live in down by the river? tips@dailyturismo.com Better yet buy this and take us with you!

A refugee from the frozen north who loves running and water sports, Adam
can be found looking for the next slow car to drive fast when he has
access to electronics he hasn’t immersed in liquids. He’s and analog kid
not a digital man.