No Caboodle: Superformance 1967 Cobra Kit

Why pay retail?  Cut out the middleman and pay pennies on the dollar! Seems like everyone is on the lookout for a deal in this new normal of 2% growth.  So, why would you pay millions for a Cobra when you can build one yourself for peanuts? Of course, some adult assembly is required, but what could possibly go wrong?  Find this Superformance 1967 Cobra Kit for sale somewhere in Oregon for $5,000 via craigslist.

The ad says that after the seller has done some research, he believes the kit car is a Superformance Cobra.  Superformance is a South African company that makes Cobra turn-key rolling chassis that you supply your favorite engine to complete your car.  The Superformance MkIII Cobra is the only replica Cobra built under license by the Carroll Shelby organization.   This “car” seems a little less than a rolling chassis, so perhaps Pierre Salinger helped the seller with his internet research, along with his body guy.

The car’s frame has a Jaguar independent rear end and a Mustang front.  From the picture, it looks like a few things might be missing (ya think?).  Looking at Superformance’s web site the front and rear suspensions of their cars appear to be bespoke and not off a donor as mentioned in the ad.  Even from my 5 minutes of internet searching, I can see the rear of a Superformance Cobra doesn’t run inboard rear brakes like this thing.

I will grant that Superformance cars are made of the fiber of glass, but according to their spec sheet, they come with a “show quality two stage” paint job.  Somehow this one escaped the Cape without it’s paint.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He’s often thought it would be fun to build a kit car, but something more like a 7 or 11.