Nixon For President: 1973 Lincoln Continental Coupe

It is hard to wrap my head around that my first thought after seeing this 73 Continental was that it needs whitewalls.  Whitewall tires fell out of favor in the 1980’s when I grew up, but this barge seems to needs to be naked without them.  In 1972, Lincoln dropped the compression ratio of the big boy 460 engine to lower emissions and run unleaded gas.  The nearly 230″ long car had to make do with 224 horsepower.  The good news is that the Continental had plenty of 70’s styling cues up in sleeve which included: retractable headlights, vinyl roof, and horizontal ribbon speedometer.  Find this 1973 Lincoln Continental Coupe for sale in Branford, CT for an undisclosed asking price via craigslist.

This Continental coupe has Moondust Metallic Red paint over white leather and a white top.  The car only has 77,5000 miles and is said to be a fun weekend toy.  The seller remarks that the car gets a lot of attention, has a lot of character, and is fun to drive.  An asking price is not disclosed, but they are willing to entertain offers and are open to trades for a pick up truck.

The seller lists a substantial list of recent maintenance done on the which includes: tires (where’s the whitewalls?), master cylinder, vacuum assist, MSD electronic distributor, MSD spark plug wires, Motorlite 4 BBL carburetor, timing chain/gears, starter, battery, radio, speakers, and Richard Nixon bumper sticker.  The 7.5 engine is mated to the Ford C6 transmission and both are in good working condition.

Some issues that need to be addressed are: front suspension needs rebuilt, AC does not work, leaky heater core, holes in the exhaust, crack in the windshield, and the two rear windows do not go down.  The biggest concern is with the paint and body work needed.  There is some rust/rot showing and something seems to be growing underneath the top in places.  Seeing this car has more metal than a naval destroyer be prepared to get familiar with paint and metal work if you want to restore it to its former glory.

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