Ninety’s Restomod: 1991 Honda Accord EX

This next car conjures up images of punk teenagers working weekend shifts at Fat Burger so they can afford the next rad JDM upgrade…but the truth is stranger than fiction. Time waits for no one and this car likely isn’t owned by a teenager, but probably by someone who has teenage kids running around. This car wasn’t modified into a street racer in the 1990s or early 2000s, but has been turned into something of a “vintage street racer” in recent years. Are people nostalgic for the era of the front-drive street race? When dropping a Prelude engine into a Accord sedan was a recipe for a sleeper? When a car that could hit 60mph in less than 7 seconds WAS a sleeper? Rad, indeed. Find this 1991 Honda Accord EX offered for $9500 in Sudbury, MA via radbook torrettomarket. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

1991 Honda accord ex h22a
Listed 6 weeks ago in Sudbury, MA
About This Vehicle
Driven 201,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Beige · Interior color: Burgundy
Fuel type: Gasoline
Excellent condition
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
Finally had a chance to pull off the car cover for some much-needed pictures.

I’m on the fence with selling my third-owner 1991 Honda Accord EX with an H22A heart transplant swapped over. The first owner was an older woman who drive to 198k miles. The second owner performed all the modifications and documented on the interweb. Below are details:

Engine / Transmission:

  • 201k miles on clean, rust-free, CA chassis. ~30 miles of salt-free Boston Metro roads
  • H22A off a JDM 1992 Prelude SiR – ~65k miles
  • All seals replaced (rear main, crankshaft, valve cover gasket, spark plug seals, oil pan gasket)
  • Hondata intake manifold gasket
  • T2T4 LSD Transmission with Redline and Synchromesh fluid (has sliight second gear itch, but goes in and does not pop out)
  • Innovative Mounts engine mounts and rear “T” bracket (all wrinkle black) – 75A durameter bushings
  • New OEM clutch master cylinder
  • KS (KaizenSpeed) Tuned manual timing belt tensioner
  • KS Tuned balance shaft delete
  • Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold (wrinkle black)
  • Skunk2 74 mm throttle body
  • 3 inch custom wrinkle black intake
  • Private Label Manufacturing (PLM) Tri-Y V2 headers
  • New accessory belt (power steering retained, A/C unfortunately interfered with headers)
  • Comp Stage 1.5 Clutch / Lightened Flywheel
  • A’PEXi WS2 catback exhaust


  • Godspeed Monomax Coilovers
  • at 198k miles:
  • New inner / outer tie rods
  • Axles
  • Front and rear upper control arms
  • Front sway bar endlinks
  • Strut bars (front, rear, and bottom)
  • at 201k miles:
  • Front and rear lower control arms
  • Front ball joints

Brakes / Wheels / Tires:

  • 5-lug conversion all around
  • Front: Honda Odyssey hubs, discs, calipers
  • Rear: stock kouki CB disc brake spindles and calipers, 2001 Accord V6 hubs, discs
  • OEM Acura RSX accessories 16″ wheels
  • Hankook Ventus V2 EVO


  • Accord Zenki JDM OEM Stanley one-piece headlights and grill
  • Accord Zenki JDM OEM tailights
  • Working OEM foglights
  • All original OEM glass
  • Original glossy paint (car has been garaged entire time)
  • OEM window visors


  • Spotless maroon cloth (1990s!)
  • OEM dash mat
  • OEM armrest
  • OEM floor mats
  • Acura leather-wrapped grab handles


  • Optima Yellow Top battery
  • Skar Audio amp kit (4 AWG), wired for subwoofer
  • Front Pioneer 6.5″, rear Kenwood 6.5″
  • Sony double-din head unit with CarPlay and Android

Car was dyno-tuned to 207WHP and 164WTQ at renowned HybridWorks Automotive in Vallejo, CA. Car pulls solidly to 7500 RPM. Body and underbody are rust-free save for one very small cosmetic spot on rear window lower corner, which has always plagued older three-box Hondas. Interior has been completely steam cleaned, and driver’s seat is in excellent condition. All electronics work except removed cruise control and A/C, and instrument cluster is fully functional.

If you read it this far, thank you for your continued interest. I bought this to scratch an itch that I’ve had since high school, and that was to own a high-power Honda VTEC-equipped four-door sedan. Instead, back then I was “blessed” with mom’s Ford Taurus, and then a Plymouth minivan. This car was purchased with all modifications already installed, and I picked through the seller’s brain to gradually understand that the car was well-sorted out with good components and built to FSM specifications.

I bought the car in January, had it shipped over, and drove it about 30 miles, if even. It was then I realized this was such an impulsive buy, and that I really had no acceptable reason to own another car (I have a small collection). Cars and Coffee would eat its heart out here in New England with this car’s appearance. Hence, I’m on the fence with posting this car.

$9500 – Test rides with cash in hand. “is it still available” will be ignored. Put into perspective, there’s a low-mileage 1990 Accord LX coupe on the auction website that sold for $12,500, and my car isn’t even priced to compete to that.

See a better way to drive something dope yo?