Night of the Living 240Z

That 1972 Datsun 240Z (say it two forty zed and the title makes more sense) that you thought was long buried and gone, it’s back.  Back from the grave, and for sale here in this ALLCAPS eBay auction, currently bidding for $12,100 with less than 1 day before it breaks down your doors and feasts on your spare parts.  All it needs are a few parts from a running 240Z and it’ll be back from the dead.

Welcome to the 2014 Daily Turismo Halloween Horrorod special, where movies and cars collide. Beware of zombies.

The owner of this 240Z left it in his garage for dead, but he made the all too common mistake of building his garage on top of an old pet cemetery, which of course was on old Indian burial ground…wait a few years an presto, the thing is back to life with a strange hunger for flesh…

The seller claims he purchased the car from the son of the original owner and that the car had sat in a garage for 22 years.  A carb rebuild and a few magic spells later, the car fires up and runs okay, but the tires have flat spots from sitting for so long.  You are gonna need more than a few old pallets of wood to keep this thing out of your basement.

See another zombie ready for reanimation?