New Craigslist Feature — Search By Transmission

If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time surfing Craigslist for cars, trucks & free furniture.  Probably too much time, if you ask my wife, but that is an issue for me and my therapist to work out. Anyway, Craigslist browsing is an often fun distraction from other things, but recently (okay, this happened a few weeks ago, but it took a while to publish the story) things got better — much better.  Craigslist had added additional searchable input fields to the top of the search menu that include worthless options like paint color, size, and type, but they have also included a transmission, driven wheels, fuel and title status filters.  Halleluiah, I can find manual transmission equipped Mini Coopers, Supra Mk IV, Land Rover Defenders and Kenworth trucks all in one window!!

Anyway, your quest to find the perfect manual transmission, diesel, brown, wagon suddenly got a whole lot easier.  What can you find with the new optional tools in your local craigslist?

Updated to include information about wildcards as suggested by Eric below.  Craigslist allows the use of wildcards (*, -, |, “” ) to help find more results.

For instance you can search for Merc* and it will return Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes.  You need at least two characters before the * and none following it.  H* won’t work and neither will Hon*a.

Use the – character to remove items, like Wagon -honda will exclude hondas from the results.

The | character can be used as and, DMC|DeLorean will return DMC and DeLorean results.

The “” characters can be used to find a phrase like “ran when parked” “too much to list” “selling for a friend” “Nigerian money orders accepted.”

You can read more about it directly here on craigslist’s advanced search help page.