Needs Some Love: 1968 Lotus Elan

WHOA! A ’60s Lotus Elan for $10k? This thing is just a few cans of spray paint and some bed-liner to cover the frame rust away from being a $50k car on one of those fancy car auction sites. Take some dramatic photos, add a made up back story about the legacy of the previous owner and step 3 — profit. Find this 1968 Lotus Elan offered for $10,900 in Sarasota, FL via hemmings. Tip from BP.

From the seller:

Location: Sarasota, Florida, 34234
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Fair
Exterior: white
Interior: black

Seller’s Description:
1968 Lotus Elan Convertible, US SPEC. LHD, TwinCam engine, dual carburetors, center lock knock-off steel wheels, four wheel disc brakes, power windows, alloy gas tank and two tops. 100% orig. and complete, except rear bumper. Engine turns easily, but have not been started in years. Preserved vintage Lotus cars getting pricey and hard to find, but here is a 53 year old one which is affordable, absolutely rust-free chassis and with a very good body and door fittings.

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