Needs Mohr Cylinders: 1951 Jaguar XK120 Kit Car

When somebody says “kit car” I instantly think of Cobras, 550 Spyders, 356 Speedsters, Lotus things, and Kustom Fieros made to look like Ferraris…but I have never really thought about Jags.  Particularly XK120 looking Jags from the 1950s that just need an injection of V8 to get going.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re gonna stick a Chebby 350 mated to a TH350…but don’t do it.  Slap some sense into yourself and get a V12 — maybe a 6 liter BMW N73 V12 good for 439 horsepower or a  6 liter W12 from a VW/Audi  also good for 400+ horsepower or be a real man and drop a Rolls Royce Meteor V12  which is a 27 liter tank engine for those who’ve been out of the loop.  GET INTO THE GAME, SON!  Find this 1951 Jaguar XK120 Kit Car here on eBay offered for $19,900 in Miami, FL.

From the seller:

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Ready to be finished just drop in your drivetrain! all the hard work was done and preparation. Ready to drop your drivetrain or if you wanted to build a vintage race car or put an LS engine this could be the car for you! Selling a 1951 Jaguar tribute built by American Classic USA. The car has been assembled on the chassis, prep and fully painted, new bumpers and miscellaneous chromes parts have been installed, all new interior was done including woodgrain dashboard and gauges, comes with Dayton wire wheels with new tires, complete soft top and more! Does not come with drivetrain. Once you finish your build this car will be once of the nicest XK120 that could be made into a daily driver. 

These XK120 are built on it’s own tubular frames built by American Classic with complete frame jig-welded tube frame, Hand laid 3/16” laminated composite body. All doors, hood, trunk are adjusted, and made of the same quality. No donor cars were used in the manufacturing process. All parts were purchased brand new! No used parts were used to build these Jaguars. Built with attention to detail most people have trouble telling apart from a real 50’s Jaguar XK. These were built with the intention of being a sleek looking and reliable XK120 and paying a fraction of the price of a real Jaguar, which mechanically back then were known to be problematic. They use parts that can be easily found, resulting in a low maintenance cost. You can easily install Air Conditioning! Car comes coil-overs among other parts already installed. 

Wheels and Tires: 16x 6 Dayton Wire Chrome Wheels with (5×4.5 bolt pattern), 205/60 R16 Tires

Interior: The interior was all done red during the build with the classic XK120 kit comes with, Seats, door panels, woodgrain dash and color correct carpets, aluminum woodgrain steering wheel, all new chrome gauges, Authentic leather seats, emergency brake leather boot, interior chrome rear view mirror, and more.

CHECK OUT my other listing of the finished turn key Jaguar to get an idea of the finished product. 

Comes with a Certificate of Manufacture’s Origin.  

That last picture is 27 liters of Axis killing power right there.  See a better way to powered an old Jag…that is actually a fake.  Maybe the 3.9 liter V8 from the Lincoln LS?  Oohhhhh burn.