Needs Finishing: Morgan Cyclecar Replica

The allure of 3-wheeled hoonage bursts from the skin of any Morgan Cyclecar like a fresh Botox bruise on the face of a Beverly Hills housewife.  Sure, they might be getting up there in age and not able to keep up with the latest models, but fun is just a curve away if you can tame the wild beast.  Unfortunately the cost of ownership of the real deal can be prohibitive, so getting a replica might do the trick.  Find this undisclosed model year Morgan Cyclecar Replica offered for $3,000 in Elizabeth, CO via craigslist. Tip from Zach Z.

You are not alone if you look at this pile of parts and think — wow, that seems like a lot for $3,000, is this a scam?  Frankly the only reason I’m inclined to believe this is real is because it has been posted for about a month on craigslist — usually, scams get flagged within a few days…but then again, good deals get grabbed in a few days as well.

On the other hand, this 3-wheeler comes with an unknown history, probably no title (you’ll need to figure that out with your local DMV) and it appears no sheet metal.  But, if you are handy with an English wheel and a set of louver punches — this could be on the road in no time.

You might look at the engine orientation (above) vs. the real deal Morgan (below) and say “hey, wait…why is this V-twin turned 90 degrees?” The difference is that the current Morgan / Ace design is set up to use a Harley or S&S type engine, with a separate gearbox mounted behind the longitudinal crank. The Honda VTX1300 in this replica uses a shaft drive in the original motorcycle, which is likely why the engine is oriented transversely here (like in the bike, with the crank running left/right). This also likely means that the replica uses the Honda motorcycle gearbox – no reverse!

Despite all the gibber-jabber above, this thing could be cool when finished.  See another project ready for your time/cash?