Mustang 5.0 Swap: 1985 Volvo 760 DL

The Volvo 700 series was the last total redesign iteration of Volvo’s boxy sedan platform that started with the 140 series way back in 1966.  The 740s were even powered by the B-series redblock inline-4s (which was an overhead cam replacement for the older B18/B20) and 760s were V6 or diesel inline-6 powered, but today’s 760 has long ago ditched its original engine for something more comfortable. Find this 1985 Volvo 760 DL V8 offered for $3,500 in Gilford, NH via craigslist.

Regrettably, the seller only includes a few external pictures of the car (no shots of the engine bay) but according to the description it has had its original diesel engine replaced with a 5.0 V8 from a Ford Mustang Cobra mated to an automatic transmission.  With 240 stock horsepower and plenty of torque, the Volvo should be fun to drive, but it would be even more fun(ner) if you could shift your own gears.

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