Murdered Out Mustang Motor Mom-Mobile: 1993 Volvo 940 V8

By John Harbinson — Volvo
made THE perfect sleeper platforms with both the 7 and 9 series cars, the wagons in particular. With a garage, some tools, and a spare v8 laying around, they could be absurd pavement pounders. Paul Newman, while probably not the first to look at a Volvo station wagon, and think Hmmm, I’d love to have an engine in this that could put my Labrador through the rear glass, he definitely made the swap more popular, especially with a second car, identical to Newman’s Own, being commissioned for David Letterman. Surprisingly though, Jay Leno doesn’t have one, and nor do I. My search of the interwebs will continue until I have enough cash to scoop one up. Find this 1993 Volvo 940 sleeper on Craigslist in San Luis Obispo, California, for

like this previously featured Volvo wagon, this car runs the venerable Ford 302 found in literally everything from F-Series trucks, to Explorers, to Broncos, to Mustangs, the latter being where this engine lived its previous life. The conversion that this 1993 Volvo 940 underwent had something to do with Converse engineering, as stated in the ad, but what isn’t mentioned is whether or not it was a conversion done by Converse themselves, or a Converse kit done by another shop, or maybe someone was nuts enough to build this Frankenwägen themselves. I know I would, but then again, I am a little “free thinking” when it comes to the realm of automobiles. This, then, is right up my alley.

features a limited slip diff, older style headlights, a manual, a subwoofer in place of the third row seats — because practicality, seat covers on the front seats — because 90’s Volvo, and an amplifier, which
looks to be installed by Frankenstein himself. Actually, I’m kidding, the install looks really clean. Good, low gauge wiring, a solid mounting place free of heat(?) and what looks to be Dynamat, or some other form
of insulation to keep the Volvo from turning into a Fuego.

rattle can black fits this car’s persona, which is cool, because it’s a V8 Volvo wagon that isn’t totally a sleeper like the last feature, but isn’t afraid to say yes, I’ve had a heart transplant, but I’ll still
kick your ass
. I’m still waiting to see one tubbed, and retaining the rear facing seats…. Someone’ll do it, give it time…..

See a better way to cruise Newman style for the price of a bottle of salad dressing?

Harbinson likes fast wagons, politically incorrect SUVs and American Chop Suey. He once rescued a metal beast from the Isle of Long only to slaughter it, and learned about understeer the hard way. He now writes
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