Multiverse Approved: 2004 Yamaha Golf Cart Batmobile

Everyone agrees that the Marvel Multiverse is an abject dumpster fire, but so is this next car, so I’m gonna just run with it. Welcome to the another reboot of Batman in a distant dimension that begins with the tragic orphaning of a young Bruce Wayne. In this realm, his parents’ fortune swiftly dwindled due to the reckless gambling escapades of a inebriated Alfred. Thus, young Bruce found himself thrust into the uncertain world of foster care. Though inherently kind, his anger at the world remained unabated. Time passed, marked by the transition of hours into years, yet Bruce’s resentment towards society endured. Eventually, he toiled tirelessly at the local Walmart, scraping together the means to construct his inaugural Batmobile. It was the Batmobile he deserved, but not the one he needs right now. So he’s selling it. Because he can. Be it’s not the hero. It’s the silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark POS. Find this 2004 Yamaha Golf Cart Batmobile offered for $7,000 in Columbus, OH via twofacebook market.

From the seller:

2004 Yamaha custom
Listed 21 weeks ago in Columbus, OH
About This Vehicle
1 owner
Seller’s Description
Custom Bat mobile Gas Golf cart.
Completely rebuilt new motor. New carb. New clutch and belt. New pistons rings and components. New ignition coil and switch.
Light kit installed. Have everything set up for turn signals. Just haven’t installed switch. But all comes with it. Could be made street legal with minimal work.
If listed it is available!!!
300 watt blue tooth waterproof sound system.
Multicolor complete ground Light kit.
All newly installed.
Governor removed for better speed.
I live inColumbus, ohio cart it sitting at site in bellefountaine. Serious buyers only. This is truly a one of a kind.

See a better way to be the Ohio Batman?