Most Expensive Cheap Car Ever: 2003 Land Rover HSE V8

A close child hood friend of mine has a teenage daughter who would literally rob a bank to drive any Land Rover.  A teenager or unsuspecting adult would not fully understand at which or appreciate the fact that the only person who makes out on a massively depreciated car is your local indy mechanic.  VW Phaetons, S-class Benz, numerous Bangle BMW’s, all can be purchased for near pennies on the dollar from their original sticker., but may cost double or triple that amount to keep on the road for any length of time.  There is a phenomena that goes called ballin’ on a budget where a cheap luxury car would be a de rigueur.  Today’s feature appears to be a real ad as the area code matches the location.  Find this 2003 Land Rover HSE for sale in Somers, NY for $1,500 via craigslist.

Limited details from the seller:

Selling a 03 LR HSE V8 engine.
This is a fantastic 4×4, easy drive – very safe for a family or to take off-roading.
Smooth tranny, clean engine very well maintained
5 Passenger
Harmon Kardon speaker system

The BMW derived V8 engine in this Rover puts out 282 hp through a 5 speed automatic transmission.  The HSE was a brand new model for Land Rover in 2003 and offered a much more upscale interior as well.

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Cory is anxious to find out the cause of the clunking in the rear suspension of his 1999 E300.