Monkey Ward: 1967 Benelli Cobra

Back in the days before you could order anything off the web and have it delivered by drone a minute later, people leafed thru heavy catalogs made of dead trees and filled out forms by hand they sent away via mail.  Montgomery Wards was one such vendor that sold everything from guns to motorcycles, rebranded under their name.  Find this 1967 Benelli Cobra, otherwise known as the Montgomery Wards Riverside 125 for sale in Des Moines, WA for $2,250 via craigslist.

The Benelli Cobra was a 125cc street scrambler powered by a 125cc two stroke pushing out 6.5 hp.  In a sub 300lb bike, it was good for a top speed of around 70 mph.  This bike has had some re-Delete repeated word work done so it’s nice and sparkly.

Seeing the popularity of motorcycles, both Sears and Monkey Wards started rebadging Italian bikes from Benelli, Puch and Gillera under their own names, and sold them out of their stores and mail order catalogs.  Some assembly was required; the buyer of this bike needed to attach the handlebars, seat, fenders and front wheel.

This bike is said to be in unrestored condition with some re-chromed and new NOS parts.  According to the ad, it runs great and everything works.  To me, it looks like  nice bike to put down to the corner store or tap room on a nice summer day.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.