Mistaken Identity: 1962 Renault Dauphine

The buzz phrases to use in car listings lately seem to be One Owner & Barn Find.  Both are rarely true or used in the correct context.  Unfortunately, this has lead to a new batch of self-proclaimed car hunters roaming the streets trying to cash in on the classic car market frenzy.  This Renault was apparently discovered by a marine biologist or sea mammal enthusiast.  Find this Renault Dauphine incorrectly listed as a “Dolphin” for sale in Woodbridge, NJ for $3,500 via craigslist.

Produced from 1956 – 67, the Dauphine was Renault’s successor to the 4CV and is credited with helping pioneer the modern European economy car.  Like many of it’s peers in the day, it was a simple and cheap car to produce.  The rear mounted 4 cylinder engine configuration was aimed squarely at VW & Fiat buyers.

Pictures supplied in the ad are limited to the exterior and show a decent body condition.  Without knowing what lies underneath, the car does look to be a true survivor.  The seller states the engine was running three years ago, and it even comes with the “original dust”…whatever that is.

This car was all about utility and economy, nothing fancy here.  If you are looking for obscurity, this is it.  Too many Beetles on the road for your liking?  Hoards of Fiat’s ruining your exclusivity?  Well, it’s almost guaranteed you won’t be waving at any fellow Dauphine owners whilst making a morning run for fromage & baguettes. Making it street-worthy again would be an onerous task, but a fun one no less for the rear-engine automobile enthusiast.  

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