Missing Cylinders: 1998 Jaguar XJS Convertible

This next car comes as a tip from David in Tampa who writes: The programmable fuel injection alone is a thousand dollar proposition. I’d imagine it’s easy to troubleshoot with manufacturer diagnostics. Thank god I don’t have space for another project because this looks like a month of my life that could’ve been better spent loafing on the couch. Find this 1998 Jaguar XJS Convertible offered for $4,050 in Holiday, FL via thev8swapmarket placeplacebook.

From the seller:

1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible 2D
Listed 2 weeks ago in Holiday, FL
About This Vehicle
Driven 90,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Beige · Interior color: Beige
Fuel type: Gasoline
This vehicle is paid off
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
This is a Jaguar XJS Hess &Eisenhardt convertible conversion
In 1986 Jaguar was wanting a convertible XJS for the American market at that time they didn’t have one do they contracted H&E to make some for them out of the Targa model
They made a little over 800 of them and DMV show 400 of them are left on the road
Making them pretty rare
This car has also modified with a Chevrolet V8 and an added programmable fuel injection system
This car starts and runs but has an issue with it stalling when you drive it for awhile
It will start back up it I think it is in the fuel system
It also has a problem with the top it can be used manually but not with power
I’m wanting 5000 obo
I can e reach by texting me at [hidden information]
Please don’t call unless I you to I’m busy working at the moment
Thank you and God bless

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