Mid Week Match-Up: Wagon For Jim

This week’s Mid Week Match-Up request comes from Jim who writes: My wife’s ‘11 Jetta Sportwagen was totaled the end of Dec. We purchased the car after the lease was up last summer, and I’m looking for something around $12k to replace it with. She wants to just get a new Golf Sportwagen, but I would like to avoid new car value drop. New is nice for not having to worry about maintenance for a while, but I would like to find used options that would be reliable.

Reliable is a very relative term, but compared to Volkswagen’s 2000s era products, I can’t imagine that a 2000 MY BMW would be that much worse. Check out this 2000 BMW 528iT 5-speed here on ebay bidding for $5,398 with two days to go.

What do you recommend for Jim? Comments below.