Mid Week Match-Up: A Used Car For An Ex-Head of State

When you are king, you get to wear the crown.  But the minute you abdicate to marry a divorcee socialite or because you’ve contracted some unknown disease from your concubine (Roman style) you become just another schmuck who needs a carriage to avoid the dust and dirt from the underclasses.  Gone is the parade of black bulletproof limousines, and instead you head to a local used car lot and pickup something blue for a few grand.  For today’s Mid Week Match-Up the challenge is to find the perfect car for a recently removed prime minister or president.

My choice is a ride for soon to be President emeritus Barack Obama.  For a guy who has spend his entire political career trying to be nerdier than the next guy I think that the perfect Obama retirement vehicle is this sweet 1966 Ford E-Series Custom SuperVan bidding here on eBay for $12,599 with 5 days to go.

What car do you think the recently (or soon to be) deposed despots around the world should drive? Comments below.